Meat-and-bone meal is a product containing a large amount of protein and fat. Therefore, you need to store it correctly. This article describes the main requirements for the storage conditions of this product. A very important condition for maintaining the beneficial properties of meat and bone meal is compliance with […]

How to store meat-and-bone meal?

With “31” January “02” in February 2017 passed the 22-th International Specialized Trade and Industrial Exhibition in Moscow: “Grain-Mixed Feed-Veterinary-2017.” The event was attended by representatives of the largest global agribusiness. JSC “Abiogrupp” was first presented to partners own factory “BIOTEC” and its finished products – meat and bone meal […]

Grain-Mixed Feed-Veterinary 2017

The meat bone meal & Industrial animal fat production is based on processing bones & raw meat materials mixture. It is known that the meat scrap contains complete proteins, fats, vitamins, phosphorous and calcium salts and trace elements, for that reason the processing is paid much attention. The goal of […]

Questions biowaste recycling

The meat bone meal (MBM) is a feed additive. It is one of the most affordable components for the production of compound animal feedstuff. It is used to feed poultry, pigs, cattle, fish and other farm animals. The MBM is ideal for enriching animal feed with microelements and protein. The […]

Protein & amino acids in the meat bone meal

How to cut feed costs without sacrificing quality Feed makes up a considerable proportion of the prime cost of poultry and livestock products. It is no wonder that in an effort to reduce product costs, manufacturers increase focus on reducing the feed cost. Feed makes up a considerable proportion of […]

Feed cost reduction