Protein & amino acids in the meat bone meal

The meat bone meal

The meat bone meal (MBM) is a feed additive. It is one of the most affordable components for the production of compound animal feedstuff. It is used to feed poultry, pigs, cattle, fish and other farm animals. The MBM is ideal for enriching animal feed with microelements and protein.

The meat bone meal contributes to the increasing of feed productivity. It contains a lot of proteins, essential & irreplaceable amino acids, valuable minerals and vitamins. Especially valuable property of the MBM is its ability to normalize the metabolism of animals and improve nutritional properties of feed.

The meat bone meal is produced from slaughter house tankage and other meat industry waste. The wastes undergo a long technological process before becoming a product suitable for animal feeding.

The main stage of production is thermal processing, because it is important to keep a delicate balance, on the one hand the product must be biologically protected, and on the other hand the maximum nutrients are to be preserved.

Having examined international practices, JSC Abiogroup during the construction of the Biotechnological plant in the industrial Park “Sheksna”, have relied on the high-tech equipment of the Danish company HAARSLEV industries, and this choice was not accidental.

It is no secret that Russian biotechnology is the Soviet heritage: existing National State and quality Standards are dated 1973 and 1982. Surely it was the most modern solution of biological waste processing problem, as the country experienced a flourishing of the livestock sector.

Today, many agricultural enterprises have kept the old production – so-called Laps Boilers (a kind of Vacuum Boiler), while the others unwisely spend money purchasing new analogous equipment. The MBM, produced this way, does not meet modern requirements. Moreover it is not secure: it’s typically toxic to living body. It would better be used as fertilizer on fields.

The JSC Abiоgroup team have not dwelt on the past, but built a new high-tech plant which meets the most modern requirements. The meat bone meal produced at the plant meets all international Biosafety standards. The foregoing is confirmed by both local and European consumers.

The Biotech Products are in demand both in Russia and in Europe.

Protein hydrolyzation

Protein hydrolyzation

Producers of high quality meat bone meal, working on modern equipment, increase the absorption of their products by crushing chains of protein molecules into parts, this process is called hydrolysis of proteins. During the process of hydrolysis of the protein chains break up into component parts, called peptides, in turn, peptides are composed of amino acids, which are absorbed by animals much easier.

Methods of hydrolysis are classified into acidic, enzymatic and hydrothermal. But the main and most affordable method of hydrolysis used in the MBM production is hydrothermal – a heat treatment in an aquatic medium under pressure.

Why a high level of protein digestibility is important? The mere presence of the protein in feed does not mean that diet is high balanced, as the important factor is the availability of nutrients, particularly amino acids.

Ideal protein hydrolysis should be understood as the splitting of proteins to amino acids constituents. The essential & irreplaceable amino acids include: lysine, valine, leucine, isoleucine, phenylalanine, threonine, methionine, tryptophan. All of them are included in a properly hydrolyzed MBM.

In addition to the poor digestibility of non-hydrolyzed protein there are other negative consequences: undigested keratin does not digest in the lower bowels and becomes a source of nutrients for pathogenic micro flora. This circumstance can be dangerous to the livestock health.

Another negative consequence of the incomplete protein digestibility is the rejection of ammonia and nitrogen into the environment – that undermines the environment around the farm.

It is known that only high-quality feed additives are to be used for efficient feeding.

Meat bone meal produced on obsolete equipment typically has low quality indicators in particular low amino acid compositions, and in some cases can cause harm to animals. At the same time high quality MBM contains complete amino acid composition and all the necessary trace elements. As a result we gain increase of the livestock productivity & immunity.

Thus, Biotechnological plant “Biotech”– the branch of JSC Abiogroup, guarantees high quality of products due to modern automated equipment.


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