How to store meat-and-bone meal?

Meat-and-bone meal is a product containing a large amount of protein and fat. Therefore, you need to store it correctly. This article describes the main requirements for the storage conditions of this product.
Storing of meat and bone flour
A very important condition for maintaining the beneficial properties of meat and bone meal is compliance with the rules for its storage. The most important factors affecting the state and safety of meat-and-bone meal are:
Humidity, ambient temperature, as well as air access to products (degree of aeration or ventilation).
Flour of animal origin is packed in new polypropylene bags, dense, clean and durable. Bags must be protected. The weight of one sack with fodder flour should not exceed 50 kg, except for packing in big bags. Sacks with meat-and-bone meal should be kept in a dry ventilated area, while it is strictly forbidden to hit them with water or sunlight. The temperature of the air in the warehouse should not exceed + 25 degrees.
It must be remembered that violation of storage standards entails danger! So, for example, in no case, you can not overheat the product, because the fat contained in the flour, in this case, will begin to decompose, which will cause the release of a toxic substance – acrolein aldehyde. In addition, inappropriate storage conditions have a detrimental effect on the chemical composition of the meat-bone meal, worsening its quality and reducing nutritional value. Such meat-and-bone meal can be a nutrient medium for various bacteria and molds, it has a musty, rancid smell.
But, to prevent damage to meat and bone meal, it is not enough just to create all the necessary storage conditions – it is very important to have an antioxidant in the finished product! This substance slows down and prevents oxygenation of fats contained in meat and bone meal, thereby increasing its shelf life, which also affects the quality of the product. At present, most modern plants, unfortunately, do not use antioxidants in their production. Only a few enterprises of the Russian Federation take this issue responsibly. Among them, Biotechnological Plant JSC “Abiogroup”! The company uses the most effective antioxidant, intended specifically for meat and bone meal, approved for use by the Rosselkhoznadzor, which is important. This helps to prevent loss of product quality, increases the duration of flour storage in production.
Summarizing the above, it can be confidently asserted that meat-and-bone meal is a specific product, its storage requires a responsible approach, compliance with all the rules listed in this article.