The problem of bio waste utilization and recycling

During the rampant development of industry and science, close attention should be paid to the environmental protection. Uncontrolled utilization of various types of waste, air pollution, depletion of natural resources – all these are manifestations of human activity, the cause of the transformation of environmental issues in a large-scale problem.

There is much tension around the issue of utilization and waste recycling in every region of our country and abroad, wherein preserving safe sanitation and epidemiological situation it is an overarching goal for any state and its manufacturing companies, supervisors, developers, regulatory structure. Within the framework of the Comprehensive Program of biotechnology development in the Russian Federation for the period until 2020 approved by V.V. Putin on the 24 April 2012, Biotechnological plant – a branch of the Joint Stock Company “Abiogroup” was built and brought into operation in the industrial park “Sheksna” of the Vologda region. Let us analyze on the basis of this example how the introduction of high technology helps to protect the environment and stand for the nature.

Wastes can be industrial, constructive, medical, and others, we will focus on biological wastes to which the 1st class of danger was assigned. These include: corpses of animals and birds, including laboratory ones, their stillborn offsprings; veterinary condemned material), revealed after the veterinary-sanitary expertise at slaughter units, refrigerated slaughterhouses and other objects; other waste resulting from the processing of food and non-animal raw materials. Why is this class of waste so dangerous and why the problem its utilization and reprocessing receives such close attention of veterinarians and sanitary assistants? First of all, uncontrolled utilization of biological waste may cause the spread of their unauthorized removal to fields and forests; discharge into ravines, that lead to dissemination of virulent infectious diseases common to human beings and animals: splenic fever, salmonellosis, etc. Such variants of utilization and reprocessing as burial of biological waste into earth mounds, burning in special burners or earth trenches, building animal burial sites, blending in vacuum boilers are out of date and don’t meet the modern age needs.

Biological waste has become raw material, a recourse! It is a result of biotechnology development. An example of such a breakthrough in the Northwest of the Russian Federation is a biotechnological processing plant, which has become the first aider of its district. Following the veterinary and sanitary requirements for collecting and processing of biological waste, the company obtains safe protein-rich meat bone meal and industrial fat, releasing livestock farms, poultry farms, slaughterhouses and others of the problem of waste of the 1st class of danger disposal; taking care of nature, saving the animal, land and water-soil resources.
Any modern enterprise must have a clear program for the environmental protection, which can not be limited to the proper waste management. Biotechnological plant has had such program even before the emerging of the enterprise, it highlights the main aspects of its functioning – from the location in the buffer zone to the measures for the protection of the atmosphere, land and water resources. At that at the bottom of ensuring the program lies the use of advanced manufacturing technologies, making the processes, eliminating adverse effects on the environment, automatic. For example, using a waste-heat steam boiler “Oxidor” neutralizes combustion gases, which are the most dangerous to people and cause great damage to the atmosphere.
Thus, a set of measures designed to limit the adverse environmental impact, is clear, and as the emergence and development of new manufacturing technologies, it becomes wider and wider. Process organization at the plant under consideration confirms this, it is a striking example of the fact that the development of biotechnology and environmental protection may be inseparable.