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Industrial animal fat “Biotech”

-is a product manufactured from different types of inedible animal raw material.
☞ It is popular in the area of soap-making, metal working industry,  in energy management


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INDUSTRIAL FAT of State Standard 1045-73

of State Standard 1045-73

Nowadays industrial fat of animal origin is widely used. It is linked with the development of the soap-boiling industry, leather making, chemical industry and metal working industry where this product carved out its niche. A special role is assigned to industrial fat in the sphere of energy (biofuel production).
Our industrial animal fat is a by-product produced in the manufacture of meat bone meal. Modern equipment installed at the “Biotech” plant makes it possible to process fat. Before the final product finds its way to the consumer, it is refined by separation and sedimentation, from mechanical impurities and moisture; antioxidant is added. Carrying out regular deliveries of industrial animal fat, we provide our partners with high-quality inexpensive product, which forms the basis of their production.


Fat of the plant “Biotech” meets the requirements of State Standard 1045-73

Item name

on trials

Organoleptic parameters

Colour from light-brown to brown
Smell specific

Physical and chemical parameters

Moisture content, % 0,25
Fat acidity value, mg KOH/g 16,4
Weight content of unsaponifiables, % 0,65
Weight content of impurities, % no
Fatty acids chilling point no less than 38




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