Сделано в России
Closed Joint Stock Company “Abiogroup”, with the support of the Vologda region and the credit institution of the Government of JSC “Rosselkhozbank”, to realize the investment project to build a biotech plant in the industrial park “Sheksna” in 2013. The new factory became a pilot in the processing of biological […]

“Made in Russia” – a project for the promotion of ...

Food – a product of plant or animal origin destined for the feeding of farm animals and poultry. Protein feed ensure the development, growth rate, body weight and reproductive functions of the animal. They should be eaten well, be as to digest and easily digestible, animal safe. To carry bulky […]

Feed: vegetable or animal?

During the rampant development of industry and science, close attention should be paid to the environmental protection. Uncontrolled utilization of various types of waste, air pollution, depletion of natural resources – all these are manifestations of human activity, the cause of the transformation of environmental issues in a large-scale problem. […]

The problem of bio waste utilization and recycling

Meat bone meal has long ago become an integral component of animal and fowl nutrition. It is a high-quality and nutritious protein-and-mineral product, the source of high protein, amino acids, phosphorus, and highly digestible fat. Adding of meat bone meal in the diet of farm animals provides them with complex […]

Meat bone meal

свеча из технического жира
In the production of meat bone meal, another faction evolves – the industrial animal fat. Industrial fats are divided into three categories depending on their characteristics presented in Table №1. Let us consider in more detail how and where this product was used earlier and is used currently. For centuries, […]

Industrial fat of animal origin